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4x05 - My two Bobs

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Author Topic: 4x05 - My two Bobs  (Read 1033 times)
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« on: July 14, 2007, 02:59:20 am »

Written by: Ian Pearson, Gavin Blair
Music Composed by: Bob Buckley
Directed by: Steve Ball

With Michael Benyaer as the voice of old Bob and Blu Mankuma as Gigabyte.

This is the first part of a four-part movie:

    * 4.05 "My Two Bobs"
    * 4.06 "Life's A Glitch..."
    * 4.07 "Null Bot of the Bride"
    * 4.08 "Crouching Binome, Hidden Virus"


Will the real Bob please step forward? There might not be a virus this time, but life's still interesting in Mainframe when a second Bob comes on the scene. No one knows which is which - including the two Bobs. With the wedding preparations underway, Dot can't decide who to marry and turns to her friends for assistance. Meanwhile, an old enemy returns to the system and only one of the Bob Sprites can save the Mainframe inhabitants.

The story opens with Dot, in civilian garb, walking into her Diner. Her entrance is greeted with the sounds of a live studio audience. In the background, Enzo "01" is seen dragging Nibbles through the air. The audience 'boo's at Cecil's protestations, then laughs at Enzo's declaration, "Hey, it's Cecil, our foreign stereotype comic relief." Glitch Bob's entrance is greeted with silence, but Guardian Bob gets a roar of approval. They both vie for Dot's attention. "Oh, no! Two Bobs? How can this be?". Big Matrix and little Enzo both lean into the frame and chime in with "Don't ask us!"

Cue sitcom music. Nine faces are shown: Glitch Bob, Dot and Guardian Bob in the middle row, Enzo, AndrAIa and Matrix in the top row, and Phong, Nibbles and Frisket in the bottom row. Display title: My Two Bobs!.

The sitcom image fades away to show Dot, lying on an analyst's couch in Phong's office. She is trying sort out her feelings at the prospect of having two Bob's to decide between.

Meanwhile, the two men in question are sitting at a table in Dot's Diner, trying to make small talk and get to know each other. Their almost identical personalities leads to both Bob's talking at the same time. The existential discussion as to which one is a copy of the original is interrupted by an incoming Game.

Over in Lost Angles, flashes of light illuminate Matrix, running and ducking from sniper fire. The attackers are ... Mainframe's police force?! It appears that the adrenalin junkie has ordered this exercise using live ammunition. This situation is "totally 8-bit". AndrAIa tries to calm the keyed-up fighter.

Five combatants head for the incoming Game: Enzo, both Bobs, Matrix and AndrAIa. Matrix orders his younger self back, citing the unknown nature of Hex's change to Enzo's icon as the reason. Dot shows up and repeats that order. She also orders Glitch Bob to stand down; she is certain that he will once again be unable to reboot into Game mode. Dot orders sends just Matrix and Guardian Bob into the Game, and of course, Frisket makes his own decision to join.

[At this point, the commercial break on the Cartoon Network features an ad for Pokemon: Ash and Pickchu.]

Since Cecil refuses to serve Glitch Bob, AndrAIa escorts him and Enzo to Al's place on Level 31 to get an Energy Shake. (The music coming out of the joint makes it sound like a disreputable road house.) An "And" (ampersand) gets thrown out; Al's Waiter intones, "And, stay out!"

Without Glitch, game stats inside the Game will be hard to come by, but Matrix recognizes it as the dojo level of Patsu Heavy. But rebooting reveals a twist: the big ferocious dog turns into a cute little yellow and red creature with a lightning-bolt tail (going "Frisket, Frisket, Frisket-Chu!), Matrix turns into a flat (2D) monster trainer, and Bob turns into a baseball-sized dodecahedron. "I keep you in that tiny container, and release you to fight for me." "You keep creatures in cages, and release them just to fight?" "Yeah." "That is sick!"

The User is a short guy with blond spiky hair. (Matrix has black, not quite so spiky hair). Matrix releases Bobzilla - a Godzilla-sized monster with Bob's goofy face. The User's monsters attack Bobzilla with laser eyes and flame breath, Matrix orders him to use his Atomic Nostril Blast. (Big green boogers.) When the third monster attacks, Matrix suggests Bob use his Nuclear Bottom Burp. (The approaching slug is reduced to particles from the big guy's flatulance.)

The Binomes that frequent Al's Place are a sorry lot. Many of them have drunk themselves into a stupor, and the ones still standing reminess about the good old Viral days, back when the uniform brought respect. Glitch Bob's self respect is deflated a bit by the swishy waiter's talk of being a copy isn't so bad; just be true to yourself.

Back in the Game, the User has 150 fighting monsters to the Mainframer's one. Bobzilla asks Matrix to help out, but the green guy says he can't; the rules are clear. Bob points out that Matrix is a renegade, he should cheat. Right! (What follows is an interminable sequence of Matrix flying through the air with his feet aimed at the User. Turns out this is a cheezy moving background powered by a boinging Frisket-Chu.) Matrix gets in one good punch, but the User pops back with typical video-game fighting feints. The battle is cut short when Bobzilla stomps on the User. "You know Bob, I don't think you're supposed to do that."

Dot's therapy sessions with Phong are not going well. The second Bob had messed up her plan. Glitch Bob invokes memories of the bad times, the horror of the recent battles. Guarding Bob brings back happy memories. What's a girl to do?

    * 8-bit - an undesirable situation

Did You Notice?
    * AndrAIa, while trying to get Matrix to relax, has no fingernails.
    * Glitch Bob must not be up to full strength; he is conserving energy by riding a Zip Board
       to the incoming Game instead of levitating himself.
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