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4x04 - Sacrifice

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Author Topic: 4x04 - Sacrifice  (Read 950 times)
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« on: July 14, 2007, 02:56:40 am »

Written by: Ian Pearson, Gavin Blair, Phil Mitchell, Ian Weir
Guest stars: Michael Benyaer as Guardian Bob
Directed by: George Roman Samilski

This is the last part of a four-part movie:

    * 4.01 "Daemon Rising"
    * 4.02 "Cross Nodes"
    * 4.03 "What's Love Got To Do With It?"
    * 4.04 "Sacrifice"

So far, Daemon is unstoppable. She arrives at Mainframe, intending to use Bob to spread The Word to the rest of the Net. With all the major combatants infected, who will save them?

Daemon heads for the front line with Matrix, AndrAIa, Mouse and Mike the TV in her enterage. Although Mainframe is protected by a Firewall, that barrier will not be much protection, as Mouse is infected and willing to give up the access codes. Dot comes up with a defense: add a second Firewall to back up the first.

After the long separation, Enzo gets a chance to spend some quality time with his father. (The stretchable Null shape comes in handy when playing ball.) The kid thinks that his dad being a Null Monster is really cool.

Glitch Bob, on the other hand, is feeling overwhelmed by the situation. Hexadecimal tries to cheer him up; she looks quite ravishing in her new gold and white outfit. Now that she is no longer a Virus, Hex is hoping to have a normal Sprite-to-Sprite relationship with the silver and blue Guardian. Glitch Bob gets bowled over by the passionate woman, but is rescued from a sufficating lip-lock by the arrival of Daemon.

Back at the Principal Office, Welman Matrix has finished re-creating his Gateway. Dot informs them there is a change of plan; they won't be evacuating Mainframe after all.

Off on the side, Enzo is hanging around with Hex, which annoys Dot. "But sis...", the boy protests. "Yeah, sis!", chimes in Hex. "I simply adore children, but I can never eat a whole one", says she, joking.

This family conflict is interrupted by an incoming Game. Dot tells Enzo to go into the game, deliberately lose and stay in Game Sprite mode, and hang around until he grows big and strong like Matrix, then come back and save them all. "Hack, Slash, plan four point zero four." The two henchmen rocket off into the Game carrying Enzo and Frisket.

Professor Welman declares his Gateway ready; it has been programmed to activate when Daemon arrives, breaking up her code and dispersing it. Glitch Bob is positioned behind it, acting as bait. Although the Mainframe armada has been ordered to shoot Daemon out of the sky, no shots are fired as the Supervirus floats in.

She is glad to see Bob (who she describes as her Messanger), but recoils at the sight of Hexadecimal. "You have turned into an abomination! You are a disgrace to your kind." Pleasantries aside, she steps onto the platform. Welman reaches to touch the SEND button, but it is too late. Instantly the main characters of Mainframe are infected. The green glow spreads throughout the city and reduces Welman back to a pile of Nulls. "Mainframe is at your service", intones Dot. Mainframe has heard The Word. "Forgive me, my Lady", asks Hex. Daemon refuses, and instead, smashes the former Virus into a wall.

Enzo and friends return from the Game, having not lost as planned. At the sight of Daemon forcing Bob to do her bidding, Enzo decides that he should no longer be called Little Matrix, but instead, Guardian Enzo, and resolves to mend and defend his home. Slash attempts to confront Daemon, while Enzo tries to get Matrix and AndrAIa motivated to fight her. With Frisket's help, Enzo unleashes the rage in the big guy. "Matrix, go to the dark place, use your hate, you hate viruses!" He switches his icon out of Game Sprite mode and cures himself, then AndrAIa. Enzo then convinces his bigger self to cure Hexadecimal (who once again has a cracked face).

Daecon works Glitch Bob until he is almost totally transparent, forcing him to convert tears into portals so that she can send her infection across the Net. The uninfected Sprites don't have enough firepower to attack Daemon, but Hex believes she can use the power of the Core. It transforms her from white Sprite to red and black Virus, this time with gold outlines. "Get away from my Sprite!", Hex roars as she unleashes an attack against Daemon.

What follows next is a physical fight between closely matched adversaries. First Hex knocks Daemon through a wall, then Daemon sends Hex flying through the air. The combat on Mainframe's streets comes to an end when the last grain of sand drops through Daemon's hourglass. "My time is now", she intones. Glitch Bob is dismayed that she is a cron virus.

Daemon rises up, breaks into packets of green light, then disperses into all systems on the Net. In each location, Binomes start counting down. "111100", "111011", etc. When the countdown reaches zero, everything will be deleted.

Hex starts dancing with the almost dead Glitch Bob, and eventually he gets through to the maniacal virus that everything will be deleted. Phong has a cure, but it cannot be delivered in time. Welman Matrix points out that a benign virus could spread the cure quickly, and Hex volunteers to make things right. Before she starts on the one-way trip, Hex pounces on Matrix and admonishes the virus hater to learn from this experience. Then she turns to Enzo and leaves him with a parting gift that turns the young Guardian's icon to a gold-outlined red and black.

Hex forces Welman to start the total fragmentation that sends her into the Net. The Professor dissolves into a pile of Nulls when she leaves. The dispersed Virus counter-infects the Net from many places at once, cleaning systems just before the countdown gets to zero.

A tearful Dot professes her love for the fallen Bob. "Please don't go. Marry me." "I thought you'd never ask", says Glitch Bob. But this tender scene is interrupted by the opening of a Portal. Out steps the Surfer (to Mouse's delight), and a pristine Guardian Bob. The old, familiar voice says, "Marry him? I don't think so."
End Credits
During the end credits, Hex gets the last word:

    I infect the entire net. I have spread through systems, peoples and cities. From this place: Mainframe. My format: Virus. The Queen of Chaos! Ha-ha-ha Ha-ha-ha-haaaaa! Ha-ha-ha-ha.

    * In a Unix system, the cron daemon runs regularly scheduled tasks, such as renaming log files and running accounting. Cron viruses are unheard of, but if they existed, would be devastating.
    * 111100 = 60, 111011 = 59, ..., 101=5, 100=4, 11=3, 10=2, 01=1, 0=0.

Did You Notice?
    * Baby Binome filling its diaper from the surprise of Hex flying though the Diner window.
    * Daemon's spread through the Net originates in Silicon Valley, California.
    * The original voice actor, Michael Benyaer, does Guardian Bob.
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