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4x02 - Cross Nodes

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Author Topic: 4x02 - Cross Nodes  (Read 1111 times)
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« on: July 14, 2007, 02:51:31 am »

Written by: Ian Pearson, Gavin Blair, Ian Weir
Music Composed by: Bob Buckley
"Cross Nodes" Lyrics Composed by: Ian Pearson, Gavin Blair
Directed by: George Roman Samilski

This is the second part of a four-part movie:

    * 4.01 "Daemon Rising"
    * 4.02 "Cross Nodes"
    * 4.03 "What's Love Got To Do With It?"
    * 4.04 "Sacrifice"

The Mainframers as busy disinfecting systems. Problems from the Null cocoon, a sick Bob, and a Game Cube combine to make life difficult for Dot. The super-Virus, Daemon, gets to AndrAIa.
Quote from the script:

    Daemon sits on her throne in front of hundreds of Maetatrons. At first the mood is reverent.

    Then the scene turns into something that can only be described as the Blues Brothers meets a Nuremberg Rally.

    Music is heard. Is is part of the sound track? No. Mike the TV rises from behind the throne with the Viral equivalent of a Gospel choir.

Mike is wearing a purple pantsuit and a big black wig, ala James Brown.
("Mike's Song")

Choir:   Hear the Word, oooh, Hear the word.
Choir:   Hear the Word, oooh, Hear the word.
Mike:   Ah was standin' at a cross node, a huge celebrity.
Choir:   Celebrity, he's so huge.
Mike:   Ah was standin' at a cross node, Zoom Room came for me.
Choir:   Zoooom Roooom.
Mike:   Ah said Daemon have mercy, don't you infect me please?
Choir:   Infect me please.  Please infect me.
Mike:   Ah tried to run, tried to run, t'tell my friend Bob, Ah seen
   Daemon risin', she's a comin'.
Choir:   Aah-oooh
Mike:   Oh, Ah tried to run, but the infection it got me.
Choir:  Infection got me.  It got me.
   When Daemon touched ma code, Ah heard The Word and it set me free.
Choir:   Set me free!  Oh, set me free!
Mike:   Oooh, Ah have to tell you that Ah have heard The Word!

   Ah was corrupt data, but The Word found me.
   And Ah was restored!  (Thank you.)

   The Word is so high ya can't get over it.
   So low, that ya can't get under it.
   And so wide ya can't get around it.
   And it's in BOLD CAPS too!

   There's just no escapin' it.
Choir:   The Woooorrrrdddd dah!
Mike:   Oh, you go girl!

At the end of the song, Daemon walks between two rows of Guardians, each holding an orb the size of an ostrich egg. As she touches them, the orbs change from purple to glow-in-the-dark green.

Matrix and AndrAIa race through the Clapton System firing Firewall senders at the edge of the hole in its sky. They go through and activate the Firewall behind them.

In the War Room, the map shows many nodes connected by lines. Most are green, but as Glitch Bob speaks, the nodes change from the color of infection (green) to normal (blue). So far, Daemon has only been controlling the pathways, not infecting entire systems. And the Guardians are not creating portals of their own. Dot tells the others to keep Enzo in the Read-Only Room while she checks on the latest development of the Null Cocoon.

Dot stops the cops from shooting at Nullzilla and tries to speak to it.
Flashback: Professor Matrix at the podium in an auditorium, Dot with clip board checking lighting cues, and Little Enzo and puppy Frisket bounding through the seats. Welman's gateway machine is the same one we saw in "When Games Collide". He's talking about sending "pings" into cyberspace to locate other systems and people. The Gateway has two functions, search and link.

Down in the Read-Only Room, Enzo-01 has been slurping down energy shakes and eating Screaming Spicy Hot & Fast Micro Chips, watching the Mainframe Player's re-enact the fight between Enzo-10 and Zaytan in "Game Over". Hack and Slash are so wound up in the story that they are crying. Enzo-01 reminds them that it was OK, he turned into Matrix. Slash: "And he saved Mainframe and got rid of Megabyte". Hack: "Shh...Wha...don't mention that name." Slash: "Who, Mega...mmmfff." Hack: "What did I say?" Slash: "Dumf mfefumm mheffubuff".

Phong greats Young Enzo, who gets upset and declares that he will not be known as Young Enzo or Little Enzo any more. From now on, he wants to be know as Little Matrix. (Complete with black leather vest like the big guy.)

A lone Guardian ship crashes on the Sat-Dish system, pursued by Matrix and AndrAIa. The Maetatron pilot emerges, carrying an egg-shaped object to the system's Principal Office. She stops at the edge of the Energy Core and states "you can't hurt me. The Word is with me, always." (She is the same type of Guardian as seen in "The Episode With No Name".) She throws herself into the Energy Core and disappears, leaving the egg.

Glitch Bob stumbles into his apartment, expecting to be fine after accessing some energy. But he collapses next to his car (which has been painted blue and supercharged). He does not notice the flashing on his wrist chrono, signalling that it is time to create the next portal.

In the Dyson System, Matrix and AndrAIa find an open system with a trashed port. Their portal back to Mainframe is supposed to appear down by loading dock #2, but AndrAIa stops before they get there. The Control Tower is still functioning. A blast from it closes off the hole in the sky.

Just then, an incoming Game descends on the Kits Sector. Dot abandons Nullzilla to check on Bob, Mouse goes to catch up with Enzo (after getting Cecil's attention by slicing his bow tie). Inside the Game, Bob is in no shape to fight, but the Glitch part of him can access the game stats. The User is raiding a tomb below and heading for the Scroll of Life. Dot reboots, and is a little disappointed to be Cleopatra instead of the pistol-packin' mama. "Well, I was hoping for a pair of 45s." Bob attempts to reboot but is knocked flat. She puts him in a sarcophagus for safe keeping. After dodging the User's bullets, she notices a brick in the floor with an 8-ball on it. "Eight ball, center pocket." The giant billiard ball knocks the User back down a level.

Mouse dumps Enzo into the War Room. Phong lists the problems they are having, and Mouse brushes them aside, except for the fact that they need Bob to create a portal for Matrix and AndrAIa. Those two warriors were in position at the appointed time, but no portal. They end up hiding in a warehouse, outnumbered 78 to 2. But the odds aren't that bad; AndrAIa found a pair of exoskeleton suits.

Dot/Cleopatra confronts the User face to face. She starts sucking the life out of him, but he places an ankh against her forehead, sucking the life out of her. Just before the User reaches the Scroll of Life, a mummy wrapped in white bursts onto the scene and kills him. Game Over. The white mummy was a changed Hexadecimal; she's all gold and white and has no memory of the Null cocoon.

Dot asks Hex to take Bob to the Portal Generator. She tries, but nothing happens. She's lost all of her powers, and has to drive Bob's car.

Our two heroes emerge from the warehouse wearing the exoskeleton suits. One of the Guardians removes his helmet, revealing Turbo. Matrix grabs him and tosses the others aside. As he confronts the traitor, Matrix does not notice an incoming Zoom Room. AndrAIa does. She knocks Matrix (and Turbo) through the portal to Mainframe, but is herself caught in Daemon's transporter.

The super-Virus is not suprised to see AndrAIa and disables the exoskeleton suit with a single touch. Daemon says she has arrived just in time. Daemon rises into the air, exuding a green light that spreads throughout the Supercomputer. The light triggers a reaction in all the seeded systems (the Dyson system, the bazaar system, the Sat-Dish system). 92% of the Net turns viral. "What are we going to do?", asks Phong.

    * Cross Nodes song - CROSSROADS (Eric Clapton)

      I went down to the crossroads, fell down on my knees.
      I went down to the crossroads, fell down on my knees.
      Asked the Lord above for mercy, "Save me if you please."

      I went down to the crossroads, tried to flag a ride.
      I went down to the crossroads, tried to flag a ride.
      Nobody seemed to know me, everybody passed me by

      I'm going down to Rosedale, take my rider by my side.
      I'm going down to Rosedale, take my rider by my side.
      You can still barrelhouse, baby, on the riverside.

      You can run, you can run, tell my friend-boy Willie Brown.
      You can run, you can run, tell my friend-boy Willie Brown.
      And I'm standing at the crossroads, believe I'm sinking down.

    * Dyson System - like Larry Niven's Ringworld, a world-sized ring that surrounds the sun.

Did You Notice?
    * The Ping sounds like a submarine sonar ping.
    * At the end of the commercial break, the Cartoon Network showed a scene for ReBoot that included the face of
       Gigabyte and one showing Hex in red and gold saying "get away from my sprite!".
    * The tomb-raiding User looks like Brendan Fraser in The Mummy.
    * The dear head from Malicious Corpses is in the Mummy game.
    * When Dot is turned into an old hag, she has a severe case of Coopers droop.
    * The sarcophagus that Bob's in has a hinge on the right, but the one that Hex comes out of is a different one; hinge on the left.
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