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4x01 - Daemon Rising

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Author Topic: 4x01 - Daemon Rising  (Read 1152 times)
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« on: July 14, 2007, 02:48:42 am »

Written by: Ian Pearson, Gavin Blair, Ian Weir
Music Composed by: Bob Buckley
Directed by: George Roman Samilski

This is the first part of a four-part movie:

    * 4.01 "Daemon Rising"
    * 4.02 "Cross Nodes"
    * 4.03 "What's Love Got To Do With It?"
    * 4.04 "Sacrifice"

Mainframe's past is revealed. In particular, we get to see the father of Dot and Enzo, and what happened to the Twin City.

Opening shot: approaching the city of Mainframe from the AC/D Sea. Somethis is not quite the same as it was in Seasons I and II; there is no Silicon Tor in Sector G-Prime. As the point of view rises, we see that the Twin City is still intact. This must be a flashback.

The construction of Dot's Diner are being completed. Dot is a teenager; hair bleached with colored tips, rainbow blush, purple knit dress with fishnet stockings, bangles and hoops, and gold go-go boots. Little Enzo is much smaller, wearing a propeller beanie cap and a shirt stating "I AM 00". Frisket is a mere puppy.

Little Enzo reminds Dot that they will be late for their Dad's experiment. Just then, a bright light rises from the Twin City - it is destroyed by an explosion that damages Mainframe.

Turns out that Dot was having a nightmare while napping.

Outside, Phong releases a tear and Glitch Bob stabilizes it into a portal for two nanos. Matrix and AndrAIa come through the portal. (They are riding motor bikes, similar to those seen in Number 7.) Three and a half Guardian fighter ships follow the pair through the portal. Matrix takes out two of them, the third crash lands and unloads horde of ruthless infected Guardians. They punch a hole in the firewall, opening Mainframe up to the Net, before destroying the port Control Tower. "All guns, target four point zero one. Lock and Load."

Bob has a hard time accepting that the enemy are Guardians. He is adamantly opposed to deleting them. Bob traps some of the enemy in stasis locks, but many get through. Kar-don, Bob's roommate from Academy, urges Guardian 452 to "lay down your arms, join with us". "The Word is Daemon". Matrix's gun "Gun" releases a fearsome barrage of missles. The mass destruction leave Mike temporarily speechless.

Cut to: The Supercomputer. It is brightly lit, with towers of white and gold. Inside is the pendulum of the Master Clock. Behind it, a stained glass window. In front, a girl (about 16 human years old) on a throne. Her skin is lilac colored, with an innocent looking face, but the whites of her eyes are blue and her irises are white. Daecon, a man with bright red hair and beard, advises her that there is a system that resists The Word. They have found what they were looking for: Guardian 452 - Bob. Daemon feels that Bob should be her messanger; he is the only Guardian that still has contact with his keytool.

Enzo and Frisket end up inside the game with Matrix and Andraia. After rebooting, Matrix = Dr Evil, Enzo = Mini Me, Frisket = small dog, and AndrAIa = a Fem Bot (but lacking the machine-gun brassiere). AndrAIa's womanly wiles disarm the User, and the game is over once Matrix assembles a gun.

Glitch Bob fades a bit after each burst of energy expended. Exhausted, he falls into the AC/D Sea but is saved by Hexadecimal. She carries him to the park outside his apartment in Kits Sector, where Mike tries to interview the Guardian. While they are speaking, Daemon's Zoom Room swoops down and carries Bob away. Hex says "how rude", and brings Bob back. She has a wicked sense of humor, in that she sent Mike the TV in Bob's place.

Mike is awestruck by Daemon's visage. "Where are the talons and teeth and spikey things?", he asks. Daemon giggles and steps down. As soon as her foot touches the floor at Mike's level, he is immedately infected. "I have heard The Word, and The Word is: Daemon", announces Mike in a TV-evangelist's voice. Daemon calls him Michel, and gets him to tell her all about Bob.

Back at Kits Sector, Hex is massaging the knots out of Glitch Bob's shoulders. "You need some down time. We could go down together", says she. But Bob can't relax as long as the system is being menaced by a super virus. "You don't have a problem with viruses, do you?" It appears that Bob does not have a problem with viruses in general, and definitely not Hex in particular. "So you'd feel beter if they all went away?". Bob requests that she not delete them, just get them out of Mainframe. With that, she rises up along the departing Game Cube, unleashes a torrent of mystic symbols, and conglomerates all the enemy ships into a glowing ball. Mouse, in her ship "Ship", places firewall emitters around the hole in Mainframe's sky. The hole closes as the glob of Guardians is expelled.

Mike is regaling Daemon with stories about Bob ("$99.99.99!") when My Lady is informed that Mainframe is being assisted by a powerful virus. "That'll be Hexadecimal. She's mad." "You know this virus?" "Know her! I used to live with her. (Not in the biblical sense, mind you.)"

Bob is looking much better after getting refueled with energy. Hex asks for a kiss on the cheek, but grabs him into a passionate embrace. Appearing in a Vid Window, Dot is taken aghast at the sight, and Glitch Bob uncharacteristcally dismisses the commander. Hex's icon starts glowing and spinning. It starts to make her glow white, but then she is completely covered in Nulls. Cross fade from the encased Hexadecimal to Enzo asking "what's a Nulzilla?". Phong has a DVD of "True Stories of Mainframe - V2.07 - Nullzilla".

Hack and Slash are running around ("Henchmen in a hurry!") chasing after Nibbles. The green and white Null gets away from them and joins the blob of other Nulls. It forms a mouth, which mournfully cries, "I live! Daughter, help!". Enzo, Matrix and Dot are all shocked by the scene. "That's our father. That ...thing... is Welman Matrix".

    * Fem Bot - original script had this: AndrAIa cautiously makes her way down a quasi-futuristic corridor. She comes to a door, tries it.
       It opens. She pauses. "Great, I haven't even got any weapons", she says to herself. As if to answer, gun barrels emerge
       from her breasts. Whir, click! She looks down, somewhat surprised. "Now that's what I call a pair of thirty eights!", she exclaims.
       She enters the room, guns first. Morris: "Oh you are awful...but I like you". Her guns retract. Morris: "I see my karma's working. Yeah!".

Did You Notice?
    * Worker binome carrying boombox labeled "01 001 100 010 101 10".
    * The birds-eye view of the Twin City explosion shows a mirror-image of Mainframe. The sectors are laid out anti-clockwise, not clockwise.
    * Cannon in Kits Sector disguised as a USPS mail box.
    * Shooting Guardians - costume like those seen in Judge Dred
    * Hex's corset is loose when she is massaging Bob's shoulders.
    * The DVD of Nullzilla is a duplicate of the back cover of ReBoot Season III volume 4 "The Viral Wars".
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