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3x14 - Showdown

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Author Topic: 3x14 - Showdown  (Read 876 times)
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« on: July 14, 2007, 02:38:39 am »

Written by: Len Wein
Story by: Gavin Blair, Dan DiDio, Phil Mitchell, Ian Pearson, Len Wein, Marv Wolfman

This is the second part of a four-part story: "The Viral Wars"

    * 3.4.1 "Megaframe"
    * 3.4.2 "Showdown"
    * 3.4.3 "System Crash"
    * 3.4.4 "End Prog"

Megabyte, who hacks into Phong's brain to steal the codes which will allow him to leave Mainframe, is confronted by Enzo Matrix. Bob has to deal with Hexadecimal as the other Mainframers liberate the Principal Office. Taking care of Megabyte does not bring an end to their problems.

The city of Mainframe is nothing but a burned out shell. Megabyte's bombing has left many binomes homeless - they live in burned out cars and rooms open to the sky. A shell-shocked One in a rocking chair stares at a wall that says 11010011 / 01101011 / 10111010 / 110. The quiet despair is shattered by an explosion - the sphere above the Principal Office goes up in flames and releases a tear.

Twenty-four ABCs converge on the tear, securing it for Megabyte. The first eight characters of the secret code allowed Megabyte to release the tear; as soon has he gets the other eight from Phong, MB will be able to create a portal and leave Mainframe.

The Saucy Mare rises into view and heads for the tear. Megabyte's minions are surprised to see the pirate ship bearing down on them. They all line up and release a barrage of missiles. Most miss, but some break through the hull, revealing an interior packed with sticks of dynamite. Ka-boom! The Mare remains intact long enough to carry flames to the fleet, destroying them. The ship continues on, leaving a trail of fire as it crashes into the sea. Captain Capacitor and AndrAIa have an emotional reaction to this.

On the other side of the city, Matrix and Mouse signal their troop of bazooka-toting binomes to attack. They wipe out MB's guards and break into the occupied Principal Office. For a short period the two leaders are pinned down, then AndrAIa shows up. Mouse goes off on her own.

Meanwhile, back in Hex's lair, Bob is being held prisoner on a comfy chair. Once again, Hexadecimal is bored and is treating Bob as a play toy. She dances with the Guardian, coyly complementing him, then menacingly offers him a biscuit (cookie). Will she talk to Bob, or kill him?

Phong is still holding out on Megabyte, refusing to give up the codes. Megabyte gets impatient and authorizes Herr Doktor and the frankenbinome to use their vast array of implements of torture. Enzo batters his way through the doors, scatters the binomes, and introduces himself to Phong. Megabyte, as usual, is delighted to see such a display of affection. Matrix responds by drawing his Gun, but the smarmy virus convinces him to "fight like a real sprite", without toys. The hot-headed green guy obliges by tossing his Gun aside, and surprises MB with a punch that leaves a noticeable dent. The next blow knocks MB through the floor into the room below. Megabyte fights dirty, extending his retractable claws. Before he can deliver the final blow, there is a commotion outside. AndrAIa tosses her trident to Matrix. [Good thing he ducked in time.]

But no one is able to get to Phong in time. The last of the second set of eight code characters have been extracted (68,65,89,65,68,68,65,33). "No," says Phong. "Yes!" cries Megabyte.

Bob is still an unwilling partner in a tea party. Hex does not want him to leave; she says they "have so much catching up to do." Bob finally notices that her mask is damaged. He wants to touch it, but she hides the blemish from him. "I don't know if I can let you do that, Bob" she says in a monotone. Bob-Glitch's touch is painful at first, but heals her face. Now she can move her lips instead of changing masks. Now she is whole. She grants Bob leave.

Megabyte's goal is now to reach the top of the spiral staircase where the tear is floating, but his progress is hindered by Matrix. They battle it out like a stereotypical fight on the castle stairs. Megabyte knocks Matrix down with an iron pipe, but the brawny guy recovers his balance and uses the trident to give MB a gaping wound in the abdomen.

MB knocks down a slab of concrete that takes Matrix for a ride. This allows the blue meany time to get up to the tear. Matrix shows up, and they resume their knock-down drag-out fight, punching holes in the wall with each other's heads. MB's last punch sends Matrix skittering down the roof of the spherical Principal Office. A kick sends him farther. Matrix stops just shy of the edge, and as he catches his breath, Megabyte's footsteps shake the roof. Then it comes down to MB's three long claws versus AndrAIa's trident. MB loses but Matrix will not deliver the coup de grace. Megabyte jumps off the roof, landing on an I-beam below. Although one leg is useless, he has the ability to control the tear. MB calls is down, stabilizes it into a portal, but just before he can enter it, Mouse reveals her final double cross by changing the portal to the Net into a portal to the Web. The Web creatures suck Megabyte in, then disappear, but not before the Surfer pops out.

Bob materializes on the roof in a burst of yellow. But everything is not well. What few buildings are still upright start falling over. There is a whole lot of shaking going on, as the entire system starts to shutdown. "This is bad, very bad."

    * Ship going down in a trail of fire - same as the fate of the Enterprise in The Search for Spock.
    * 89 is the ASCII code for "Y", 65 for "A", and 33 for "!". The secret code is "YADDAYADDAYADDA!".
    * "I cannot let you do that" - spoken in a monotone like the HAL 9000 computer talking to Dave in 2001: A Space Odyssey

Did You Notice?
    * The pattern of light on the bottom of Phong's bell jar.
    * Phong's point-of-view has servere distortion in the horizontal direction.
    * When Megabyte's footsteps shake the roof, Enzo's head and earring bobble.
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