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3x06 - Where No Sprite Has Gone Before

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Author Topic: 3x06 - Where No Sprite Has Gone Before  (Read 881 times)
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« on: July 14, 2007, 01:53:09 am »

Written by: DC Fontana
Story by: Gavin Blair, Phil Mitchell, Ian Pearson & Dan DiDio
Guest voice: Ian James Corlett as Robert Cursor.

This is the second part of a four-part story: "The Net"

    * "Icons"
    * "Where No Sprite Has Gone Before"
    * "Number 7"
    * "The Episode With No Name"

Matrix and AndrAIa arrive in a system where Shimmering Orbs are fighting a battle with Superhero sprites, but there is someone in their midst who wishes to destroy the system.

The story opens on a large modern building with green and gray sides; a game has just finished.

'AndrAIas Log. Game date unknown. We've entered a new system with the hope of finding mainframe. Once again .. failure. With each passing system, Matrix grows more despondent, and I fear if we don't find mainframe soon he'll give up all hope of ever finding home. AndrAIa out.'

It's a classic Star Trek opening even with the final little shimmering as the game cube leaves. The fact that this episode was written by one of the classic Star Trek episode writers adds more to this particular episode.

Behind AndrAIa and Matrix a bomb hits and up in the sky a group of shimmering orbs are flying away from a group of Superhero sprites on zip boards and Superhero type flying without any means, Superman style. They are firing at the shimmering orbs. Matrix pulls out his gun but they are both unsure who's side they should be on. Then out from the distance appears a sprite that looks very much like Bob, except for a silver mask over his face. Matrix is suprised. One of the female heroes shouts out, 'Rob look out!' Matrix thinks it's Bob. Gigagirl & Email are ordered by Rob, to pull a 'net manoeuvre'. Gigagirl throws Email like a spear towards to of the orbs, then he suddenly opens out into a net and captures them, changing into a large balloon in the process. While the Bob lookalike gives a standard hero retort to his buddies Matrix taps Rob on the shoulder. He turns around to face him, activating a light sabre. AndrAIa, Matrix and Frisket stand their ground. Robert Cursor, the Bob lookalike introduces himself as leader of the hero selective. He's very, in, his, actions and speech. If you.......know what...I'm saying. Matrix introduces himself and tells Cursor that he comes from the games. Powerlock, a Punisher lookalike tells Matrix that noone is to play the games because the user must win. Pixel, tells the group that the 'Spectrals' will be returning soon. Cursor tells the group to go back to the 'Harddrive'. Matrix asks Cursor whether the system has a guardian, Cursor is not familiar with the term.

At the Harddrive, a cave decked out in computer consoles, tables and neat electronic pinging machines, Email releases the Spectrals into a container surrounded by a forcefield and Cursor tells Matrix that the Hero Selective is purposely damaging the system. But it is the only way that they can get the Spectrals to listen to their demands. He explains that the Spectrals although they look small and weak compared to the superheroes, they are in fact being controlled by the Spectrals. Powerlocks tells the Spectrals that they betrayed the H.S. AndrAIa becomes very protective of the Spectrals. Cursor explains that they were once like the Spectrals, but because Spectrals cannot Reboot the system needed defences. They discovered a way to convert Spectrals to sprites. They volunteered and their mission was to 'Seek out new game cubes and new applications, we boldly went where no Spectral had gone before.' Now they want to go back, but the Spectrals tell them that they rejected the spectral state and were seduced by the flesh. The Spectrals don't want the sprites to change back they must defend the system from games. Pixel comments to the Captain that the Spectrals have 'some logical points' Gigagirl tells Pixel, 'Logic? How can you talk about logic. We're talking about our lives here.' Powerlock agrees.

Standing by, what looks like a large keg of alcoholic beverage, Birdy, a Scottish barman stands. Enzo readies for a drink and tries to sit on Email, who has changed into a chair. He drops his glass and makes his way along the bar where Gigagirl suddenly changes from being a short and pleasant girl to a large muscular Russian a good foot taller than Matrix. They discover that the Spectrals have gone and AndrAIa tells the group that she let them out. She tells Cursor that 'noone deserves to be hunted and caged.' She walks out but is stopped by one of the female heroes who multiplies herself several times and surrounds the group but AndrAIa has gone. A cat-like female tells the rest of the group that they should go on a hunt. The heroes ready themselves and leave. Matrix tells them that he's with them but against the hunt.

Outside the heroes fly towards the Spectrals building seen at the very beginning of the episode.

Matrix tells AndrAIa to come out of her hiding place on the roof, she tells Matrix that she let the Spectrals go because she wasn't ready to take sides. Matrix is missing Bob, he considers the possibility that Robert could be Bob because the web could have changed him. AndrAIa and Matrix have an argument and leaves Frisket and Matrix sad and lonely.

AndrAIa is found be one of the Spectrals near the Spectrals office, he asks why she has come. She wants to help them. Suddenly a new tear opens in the system, AndrAIa offers to help and follows a bunch of Spectrals.

Back at the Harddrive, the heroes return to Matrix. Pixel reports of the large tear which could crash the system. Powerlock tells Matrix that if the system goes down he and his 'little witch' go down with it. Matrix pulls his gun to Powerlocks throat and tells him that he ends now. The pink female multiplies herself and stops Matrix from firing. Cursor explains that only the Spectrals can fix tears in this system. (In the background is a large coin with "Unlimited CG Power" on it).

At the Spectrals principal office AndrAIa is trying to sort things out. One of the Spectrals tells the rest that it is a trick to bring down the system. She routes a path around the section so that the Spectrals can carry out the repairs necessary. An alarm goes off and a floating globe shows that tears are opening everywhere. The complaining spectral tells the rest that she is going to destroy them all and disappears out the door. The tears in fact began after the first game. AndrAIa asks about one of the tears, the spectral asks if she wants him to take her there, she says, 'Make it so.' They head out.

Back at the Harddrive, Matrix and Cursor are talking about the system error, Cursor explains that the sprites would never permanently harm the system. Matrix carries out a system scan. Matrix tells Cursor that he has to get his team together coz they are going on a hunt for.... something worse than Spectrals.

On a zip board heading for the tear, AndrAIa tells the Spectrals that protecting systems is what Matrix and herself do best. It's their 'Prime Directive'. They locate the tear and head towards it. AndrAIa pulls out a tricorder and scans the tear. The Spectrals surround and fix the tear. She tells the Spectrals that someone created the tears to destroy the system, The heroes turn up and tell the Spectrals that they have a virus in their midst, and the tears start here. Cursor tells the gathered group that there are no viruses as part of the hero selective. Pixel tells the Spectrals that virals would never take prisoners. The Spectrals tell them that they have virus checks in place. Matrix says that the virus must have a cloaking device. One of the Spectrals attacks Matrix when he activates glitch to scan for a virus is close proximity. A fight takes place between the Spectrals and the heroes. Including Pixel using a Vulcan neck pinch on a spectral and AndrAIa knocking Gigagirl and her clones over. Matrix is firing when he shouts 'Enough!' Matrix and AndrAIa bump into each other and Matrix asks if she's still mad at him. She kisses him.

Cursor heads after a spectral, and tells him that they must stop this as they can only defeat the system by fighting together. The spectral agrees. The fight ceases. The arguing spectral disagrees and Matrix tells the group that it is a virus, he fires at it until Birdy shoots it with his freeze vision and it turns into a frozen crystal. He begins to recover and tells them that his brother is still free. Pixel uses her neck pinch again. The chief Spectrals tells the heroes that he has sent his team ahead to the principals office. The earth shakes. The discover that the shakes are emanating from the principals office.

Matrix kicks down the door and Frisket is barking at Powerlock. Powerlock tells how he followed some Spectrals back to the PO and found them opening new tears. Matrix tells Frisket to sniff the dead Spectrals, but then he starts to growl at Powerlock again. Matrix discovers that Powerlock is also a virus but he pulls out a large bazooka, and tells the group that if he presses a large red button with 'Do Not Press' written on it. The chief spectral attacks Powerlock and the bazooka fires knocking an awning down onto Cursor who pushes Matrix out of the way. Matrix fires at the virus and the only thing that hits the floor is his stogie.

While AndrAIa starts to arrange repairs, Matrix approaches the dying Cursor, 'System, Out of danger?' He is deleted. AndrAIa tells Matrix that he wasn't Bob. Matrix agrees and tells AndrAIa that he was a friend.

A Game is Incoming. The Spectrals and heroes agree that there will be peace, 'If not now, in the Next Generation.' The game cube descends on our friends.

    * D C Fontana - Wrote many episodes of the original trek and the animated series.
    * AndrAIa's Log - This is a classic opening for many a Star Trek episode.
    * Robert Cursor - Kirk like in actions and speech. The first commander of the starship Enterprise was also known as Robert April.
    * Pixel - Spock like. Green skinned, large pointed ears and eyebrows. Very logical.
    * Powerlock - A cross between the Marvels The Punisher and Arnie. Lots of guns a stogie and sunglasses.
    * Email - Strange one here. Cross between plastic man and Mr. Fantastic.
    * Gigagirl - Can change into a large muscular woman. Just what you need.
    * Birdy - Scottish bar man, voice based on Scotty from Star Trek. Dressed in an ice cool outfit.
    * Spectrals - These are very reminiscent of many aliens from Star Trek, which always tended to be glowing floating forms
       similar to the Organians.
    * Seek out - Similar to the classic old line of 'To seek out new life and new civilizations....' Some of these are so obvious.
    * Logic? - This directly refers to a line from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan 'Logic? How can you talk about Logic....
       we're talking about universal Armageddon.' Referring to the Genesis Device.
    * Vulcan Neck Pinch - As used by Spock in Classic Trek
    * Door - Sliding door with a similar swishing sound as in Trek.
    * Make it so - Captain Jean Luc Picards favourite saying.
    * Prime Directive - Trek reference to the none interference policy that Starfleet stand for.
    * Unlimited CG Power - based on the Canadian two-dollar coin that has "Elizabeth II * D.G. Regina".
    * System out of Danger - Refers to Spocks death speech at the end of Star Trek Wrath of Khan, 'The Ship, out of danger?'

Did You Notice?
    * Light sabre - The light sabre used by Cursor is an exact duplicate of Luke Skywalkers in Return of the Jedi.
    * Unlimited CG Power - A large plate on the wall of the Harddrive cave based on the Canadian two dollar coin.
    * Trophies - Includes a Glass Trek insignia and the Stanley Cup.
    * AndrAIas Control Panel - This panel contains some Star Trek the Next Generation Okuda graphics as used in the series.
    * AndrAIa Scanning Device - AndrAIa scans the tear with a classic Star Trek tricorder.
    * Warning Incoming Game Panel - Warning panel very reminiscent of the Enterprise movie red alert bridge screens.
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