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3x04 - Game Over

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Author Topic: 3x04 - Game Over  (Read 902 times)
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« on: July 14, 2007, 01:35:47 am »

Written by: Ian Pearson
Story by: Gavin Blair, Phil Mitchell, Ian Pearson

This is the fourth part of a four-part story: "To Mend And Defend"

    * "To Mend and Defend"
    * "Between a Raccoon and a Hard Place"
    * "Firewall"
    * "Game Over"

With Megabyte, Hex and the rest of the cronies stuck in a firewalled sector G Prime, they try to escape with a serious loss of casualties while Dot and her friends also have other casualties to worry about about a really bad game.

We are within sector G Prime where Megabyte and Hex are caged, when hundreds of ABCs start lining to exit the sector. Megabyte tells his sister still caged in her stasis chamber, 'When you are ready, dear sister.' 'Ready for what?' Megabyte is planning to use his sisters powers to bore a hole through the firewall. Megabyte uses the collar to wake up Hex and she laughs it off. She is thinking to herself what she will do to Megabyte when she is free of the collar. She explains that he doesn't have any idea how much power he is trying to control. Chaos will always win over order. Megabyte obviously wishes to bring order, his order, to Mainframe while Hex is there to put her foot in the works, but while she is trapped by the collar she is powerless not to help him. Megabyte wants Hex to use her viral energies to breach the firewall. Using her powers she aims an energy blast at the outer wall and fires.

Within the PO, Dot, Enzo, AndrAIa, Phong and the technician binome are examining the map when motion sensors for G Prime just went off the scale, they discover the buildup of forces at the firewall. Dot orders the group to defence mode 9704, she needs to know where the breach will break.

Meanwhile Hex is using all her power to breach the firewall. A small exit point is mad so Megabyte orders the ABC commander to launch an all out attack on the PO once they are clear of the breach. 'Take no prisoners, show no mercy.... Go.' A mass of forces go through the shield and back into the main sectors of mainframe. They are heading for the PO.

Inside Dot is hanging on for the last moment to see if Megabyte will come through, everyone on the PO is awaiting her order to launch a counter attack. Enzo tells Dot that they have to activate the defences, now. She tells Mouse to hit 'em hard. Mouse orders the binome warriors to deploy all smart cannons and let 'em rip. Outside the office the binomes are readying all weapons and then they start to fire. This completely destroys most of the forces.

Megabyte orders Hex to close the rip. All remaining forces decide to return to the rip, but the rip has already closing and the rest are destroy.

Victory to the principal office. While all around are celebrating Dot disappears into her office quietly. After moments, Phong enters the office and finds Dot crying. She makes up some excuse about checking reports, and explains that altjough she should be celebrating she feels empty, as if part of her died with the virals. She wants to know how many more must suffer before Megabyte is stopped. Phong tells Dot she must be strong for Bobs sake, and they must act to show Bob a way home from the web. She recovers and decides she should be celebrating with her staff and leaves the office.

Back in the medical facility where Hex is being held, Megabyte asks the doctor how long he can keep Hex under his control. The doctor doesn't know, he even thinks that Hex may even be enjoying it. 'Don't mention insanity, it frightens the workforce.' Megabyte asks the timeline for their own firewall disruptor, and they tells him to remind him that if they break the firewall he is to make Hack and Slash to take point position as he is tired of them.

Somewhere deep in what looks like a smelting factory, Cyrus is hanging from chains while Hack and Slash argue over who should push the button to squash Cyrus under a large crushing machine. 'Whenever I push a button, something horrible happens.' They eventually decide that because one of them pushed the last button the other should push it. They press the button and Cyrus gets sent to a flattening doom. One of them pulls Cyrus to safety, 'I cannot do this. It is bad......I miss Bob' He reckons that Bob is the only one that actually stops them from doing anything really bad. Cyrus is free.

In the PO they get an alarm from the long range sensors which Mouse has recently fitted indicate an incoming game. They scan for landing coordinates. Dot tells Enzo that he is the only thing she has left and that he should be carefull. They clear the sector and AndrAIa and Enzo are on their own.

Back at Megabytes tower he watches as a precession escorts Enzo in Bob's car to the game. Megabyte considers Enzo the young pretender. 'Have your fun boy, while you can.'

Outside the crowds have gathered to see Enzo and AndrAIa into the game. A small binome points out Enzo and says to his mommy that Enzo's their guardian.

Cyrus is still trying to escape out of the sector but he is blocked by the firewall. Whilst running he meets Scuzzy (Hex's pet) on the other side of the firewall. Maybe they can help each other out.

In the game, Enzo, Frisket and AndrAIa are standing in a massive stained glass windowed arena, floating in the sky. They are in a game of a tournament style fighting game of mortals, gods and demons. Around the edge of the arena the game begins to load the players, all stained glass representations of warriors. There are twelve opponents and the user only has to beat five of them to win the game. If either AndrAIa or Enzo reboot into the wrong characters they may never get chosen.

At the PO Dot is worried and asks Phong if the game is nearly over, but the game has only just bearly begun. Dot has to be patient. Then Phong shouts, 'What does someone have to do do get a cup of cocoa around here?'

In the game, the player is choosing his character. A familiar tune plays along. He has chosen a red demon like warrior with fiery wings and a triad. Enzo tells AndrAIa to take Frisket to one of the characters and reboot, while Enzo hangs around to try and reboot into one of the characters just before it gets chosen. Enzo doesn't believe in the no win scenario. AndrAIa and Frisket reboot into a large dog and a multi armed indian like god. She is encased in a stained glass chamber until she is chosen. The player picks an opponent (a devilish character named Zaytan) and Enzo makes a run for it, but misses rebooting. 'Cursors!' A male angel like warrior ('Empyrean') is chosen by the user and the battle commences. In round one the user wins. Round two, and the same thing happens, but this time he demonstrates his finishing move which involves grabbing the opponents head and well...... we don't actually see, but according the AndrAIas face it's rather nasty. Enzo takes note of the finishing move and gets ready.

Back with Hex, Scuzzy has somehow found a way in. Hex asks where he's been, he shows her the firewall, 'You call that an excuse?!'

Back in the game, the user is fighting a green doom/commando style warrior ('Samsara'), round one is just complete. The user wins again, Round two, the opponent is hit with several energy bolts and falls. The user demonstrates his finishing move, again. The scenery changes and it's the final level, Enzo only just gets chosen, and reboots into yellow costume and mask ('Disnia'). Enzo can't talk with the mask on so he pulls it off. Enzo fights and wins the first round, then loses the second. Round three he has to do this one otherwise the user wins. After a valiant attempt at trying to beat the opponent Enzo is hit is the face with the triad and his right eye appears red and a nasty scar has appeared, he's been hit, and hit bad. Frisket and AndrAIa can do nothing to help. Two more hits and Enzo is down. He activates his icon changing it to a black square within a white circle surrounded by a yellow triangle. The user completes his finishing move. AndrAIa activates Friskets and her own icon.

Outside the game is complete, Dot orders medical teams in.

'Game Over.....the user wins'.

Silence. 18 seconds of silence. Everyone looks around.

Dot, with tears running down her face, wails "Enzo... Noooo".

    * Ditty - The tune is from Mortal Kombat
    * I don't believe in the no win scenario - Star Trek reference. James T. Kirk reprogrammed the Kobyashi Maru training simulation
      so that he can win. This was mentioned in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
    * Empyrean - old word for the highest heavans
    * Samsara - Hindu term for the cycle of life and death
    * Enzo's Costume - Mortal Kombat's Scorpian

Did you notice?
    * Titles - During the title sequence G Prime is surrounded by a firewall on the map.
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