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2x10 - Web World Wars / End of Season II

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Author Topic: 2x10 - Web World Wars / End of Season II  (Read 1390 times)
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« on: July 14, 2007, 12:56:18 am »

Written by: Mark Leiren-Young
Story by: Mark Leiren-Young, Brendan McCarthy, Phil Mitchell, Ian Pearson, Susan Turner

This is the fourth part of a five-part story:

   1. "Nullzilla"
   2. "Gigabyte"
   3. "Trust No One"
   4. "Web World Wars" (Season II finale)
   5. "To Mend and Defend"

The third season will be shown in Canada starting in September of 1997. Hopefully Alliance will have made a deal with another U.S. network now that ABC has dropped out.

This description is from the Canadian version of this episode, as shown on YTV. The US version has some cuts; one line of dialog and four scenes of war were removed by ABC's B.S.'n'P. (Broadcast Standards and Practices, the program censors.)

The Mainframers are barely able to hold their own against the Web Probes, and with the very existance of Mainframe at stake, our heroes have to rely on Megabyte and Hexadecimal for help. The viruses perform their assigned tasks, then continue on to take of Mainframe. Enzo gets a field commission as a cadet Guardian.

Mainframe looks strange. The sky is brown instead of blue, there are about twenty searchlights piercing the gloom, and directly above the city is a swirling red Web portal; a sphere twice Mainframe's diameter. An extremely varied crowd of binomes (and penguin) follows an armored tank into position. Enzo and AndrAIa are on a ledge around the Principal Office, manning heavy artillery guns. [The background music is from Holst's "Planets" suite; Mars, Bringer of War.]

Several binomes in green and yellow uniforms are waiting around, eating donuts, when the order to "Scramble" comes in. At least 15 sets of 16 cars (CPUs) and 20 Data Cranes take to the air. Every one is a bit ansy as a Web Probe, looking like a four-legged octopus, investigates the assembled army. Bob tells everyone to hold their fire until the main attack force arrives. [Continuity error: Bob is not wearing his icon in this scene.]

In the mean time, Megabyte is assembling an impressive piece of hardware in his Silicon Tor. He is doing his job, but Phong has a problem with the idea of working with a virus. Bob orders Phong to download the software to run the hardware. Hexadecimal will be the power source for the weapon, which includes a transparent energy tank like the one in "Bad Bob". When Hex shows up, her facemask appears first, then the rest of her, much like the Cheshire Cat.

Mouse sharpens her katana sword while leaning against a large bomb, in a room full of ICBM missles. She and Dot discuss working with viruses and Guardians, as Dot puts on battle fatigues and enters wearing a really big strap-on gun. "What do you think? Does it make me look too butch?" asks Dot. [ABC cut Dot's second sentence.]

AndrAIa thinks the Web portal looks beautiful and does not understand why Mainframers can't simply attack their enemy without planning and forming teams. Enzo still hasn't told her that he isn't really a Guardian. His attempt to clear thing up is interrupted by Bob, who starts refering to him as Cadet Matrix. Due to the crisis, Bob invokes "Emergency Code nine five one zero", downloads the Guardian protocol from his icon to Enzo's, and gives the boy a field commission as Guardian, First Level. When Enzo reboots, he is wearing a Guardian uniform. After the battle, Enzo will be transfered to the Academy to become a full fledged Guardian. "Should anything happen to me, I am charging you with the defense of this system." Dot checks in with "Megabyte, Mouse, Hexadecimal and I are ready. (I can't believe I just said that!)."

Mouse uses Megabyte's keyboard to hack into the Web. Her plan is to crack the codes and to erase the location of Mainframe from its memory banks. When she gets done, it will be impossible to get from the Web to Mainframe again. Megabyte appears to be absolutely delighted at that news.

Eight Web Probes come out of the portal and start snooping around. Binky and his co-pilot try to keep a stiff upper lip, hoping that no one will crack under the pressure. But one binome does when he surprised by an overly inquisitive Web probe. The CPUs have to destroy the remaining probes before they can report back. A couple of cars collide and three CPUs go down but only one parachute is seen. [ABC does not show the two doomed pilots.] The last two probes team up in a piggyback function, zip back to the Web, and summon the attack forces.

The Web Creatures have four stubby front limbs, a nasty beak, two red-orange eyes, a dorsal horn and a tail for swimming through the air. These enemies are smart enough to lure the fighters to their destruction, including one car that smashes up against the posts underneath the pier. [ABC does not show this car crash.] One pair of creatures pursue three vehicles down a concrete canyon, destroy one car and cause the Data Crane and other car to wipe each other out. Things look even worse when the creatures start checking out the hardware. Even Dot's big gun is not enough to keep them at bay.

A squadron of twelve CPUs is in hot pursuit of two enemy beings, who split up as they reach the Principal Office. The dogfight follows the circumference of the main dome, whereupon the bad guys take off straight up and the good guys collide. All twelve cars are wiped out. [ABC does not show this part of the battle.] Bob calls on Megabyte for more help, who obliges by ordering his minions to support the CPUs. At least nine rows of nine columns of Armored Binome Carriers (ABC tanks) take position. (Apparently Megabyte did not want to show the full extent of his forces right away.) The guns on the ABCs are more powerful and more accurate than the other weapons, and enemies start dropping right and left. Hack and Slash get into the act.

The battle takes terrible toll on the Mainframe force. One binome successfully ejects from Data Crane above the Principal Office, but the disabled vehicle crashes into Dot's Diner and destroys it utterly; big impressive fireballs. [ABC cut this scene.] (No indication as to whether Cecil was still in the Diner or not.)

Megabyte urges Mouse to hurry up, and she says "just tell the witch to be ready". Hexadecimal takes this as a complement. Her expression changes on screen as she gleefully charges the hardware with energy. Bob says it's time to shut the portal, but Megabyte steps in. MB cuts Dot's gun in half with is claws, and silences Bob before the Guardian can give a command to Glitch. MB then removes the Guardian's keytool, crumples it, and tosses Bob into a holding chamber. Mouse tries to stop MB, but HD knocks her away. Megabyte gets a really evil look on his face has he launches Bob into the Web's portal, then fires the hardware, destroying the portal.

Mainframe is saved, but at a terrible cost. Dot is distracted by Bob's broken keytool and does not notice Hexadecimal approaching with fearsome fangs. Mouse disables HD with a blast from her ring, then she and Dot jump into her fighting ship.

Megabyte lets them get away; he has other plans. He orders his men to destroy the remaining Web Spores, then turn the guns on the CPUs. Hexadecimal gets very excited at the idea of turning the hardware around and pointing it at the Principal Office.

But inside Phong's war room, the binomes are jumping up and down in celebration. As far as they know they've won. This lasts until Binky and "Sir" report that the ABC's have turned on them ("The treacherous dogs!"). MB demands that Phong drop the defenses ("welcome to Megaframe"), but the ancient one vows to fight to the last. MB states that they have lost their Guardian, then AndrAIa convinces Enzo to pick up Bob's crushed keytool. Once on Enzo's wrist, Glitch is able to reconfigure to a smaller version of itself. "I am Guardian Matrix, charged with defending this system. Two viruses taking over my home? I don't think so!"

Cut to: The ReBoot logo taking up the entire screen. The words "End Prog." at the bottom, with a blinking red question mark.
(ReBoot) ?

This is the end of the 2nd season. No more new episodes until September 1996.

    * CPU - Central Police Unit = cop car.
    * Heavy artillery - a moveable chair with 4 big guns like Star Wars.
    * Dot's strap-on gun is similar to ones used in the movie Aliens.
    * Picadilly Circuits - the London Underground (subway) has a major stop at Picadilly Circus.
    * The A12 on the trunk of each CPU car matches Adam-12.
    * The battle in the concrete canyon between skyscrapers matches the trench in Star Wars.
    * A binome ejecting just like DieHard II.
    * "The ABC's have turned on us." ABC Television dropped ReBoot from its Saturday morning line-up.

Did You Notice?
    * The name "Mark Leiren-Young" is spelled correctly for the "Written By" credit, but had "ie" wrong in the "Story By" credit.
    * Walking with the tank: Ms Debutante, Fat Elvis, Cowboy, kid with baseball bat and cap, Small-Town binome with hardhat,
       Mr Afro hair, Mr straw hat.
    * The first time we get a good look at Bob, he is not wearing his icon.
    * The penguin appears in front of a tank.
    * Enzo's updated icon looks like Bob's: gold and black with black triangle pointing up, instead of white and black with black
       triangle pointing down. (Phong's icon has a curved boundary in a Yin/Yang configuration.)
    * Just before Enzo reboots into his Guardian uniform, the upgraded one on his chest, and a bogus one on his cap.
    * In Picadilly Circuits: Bowler hat and spats, toddler with pacifier, Miss Brodie, Mama and baby binome, Green hat,
       Grey hat, two kids playing Patty Cake (another tartan and a pageboy haircut), Dredlocks.
    * Screamin Donuts.
    * The Zero loses his helmet when making a barrel roll while in pursuit.
    * When Hex changes from angry to happy, we can see the mask changing (instead of having the switchover hidden by her hand).
    * Mouse's ship is named "Ship".
    * The Data Crane piloted by "Sir" and "Binky" (Algernon Cholmondley-Worthington III and Binky Ffarquarson) emits a drone like a
       World War II plane.
    * Mouse's soulution to keeping the Web out resembles the solution to keep enemies (and tourists) out of OZ in "The Emerald City of OZ".
    * Megabyte calling Mouse a "clever girl" sounds just like the game warden in Jurassic Park talking to the velociraptor.
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